Install PythonΒΆ

Anaconda, from Continuum Analytics, makes maintaining your Python scientific computing stack easy. Installing Anaconda will give you both a solid distribution of Python (Anaconda) and a good Python package manager (conda).

  1. Head over to the downloads page.
  2. Right click on the Python 3.5 Command-line Installer button and select the Copy Link Address option.
  3. Open your Terminal and run:
wget <link to command-line installer>

For example, my command looks like this:

  1. Run the script you just downloaded, for me this looks like:
  1. Follow the prompts. I use /opt/conda as my install location and I allow Anaconda to prepend the install location to my PATH.

Confirm the installation worked by opening a new Terminal tab and typing conda. It should output some text with usage instructions that start with:

>>> conda
usage: conda [-h] [-V] command ...

conda is a tool for managing and deploying applications, environments and packages.

NOTE: if you see a message like -bash: conda: No such file or directory, you might have forgotten either to let Anaconda prepend the install location to your PATH or to open a new tab in your Terminal. Your PATH needs to include the Anaconda bin folder.

PRO TIP: you can install Anaconda in one line (no prompts) by adding the -b flag. This is particularly useful for Docker containers. I also add -p /opt/conda to indicate my install prefix. The command looks like this:

bash -b -p /opt/conda


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